mutter matter
Mutter Matter- ‘murmurings from the Kitchen table’
Regency Town House, Brighton 2011

The impetus for the work was two domestic books, each inherited from a grandmother. These provided a lens through which the artists explore their own and their grandmothers’ lives via collisions of memory and material, and in conversation between themselves: the exuberant naughtiness of licking plates, the memory of a discreet hum, or the handling of flour and utensils to create ‘Perfection Lemon Pie’ or ‘The Broth of Fragments’ –new recipes from old!


HOUSE was conceived in 2008 to introduce a curated, contemporary and dynamic visual arts strand to complement the annual Brighton Festival season while also in part a response to limited spaces within the city for presenting contemporary art.
The theme for HOUSE commissions each year is Art & Domestic Space with satellite works responding to this theme as well as to the Lead Artist’s commissioned work.

HOUSE regency house